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Who is Dr Pope?

A passion for helping others led Dr Pope down the path of medicine into a career that allows him to provide his patients with the highest quality care. As a physician since 2009, he brings an evidence-based holistic approach to medicine in order to find comfortable and effective solutions for everyone. 

Dr Pope has a passion for his patients. Over time, he became increasingly frustrated with the healthcare system, such as the ever ballooning costs, lack of transparency, lack of access, and declining quality and so he decided to open a direct primary care practice to better serve his patients and community. It is affordable, transparent, and they are able to provide more immediate, more affordable, and personal care. 

Dr Pope has also been involved with Kansas Regenerative Medicine Clinic since 2014. KRMC utilizes autologous stem cells and growth factors to help patients with arthritis, inflammation and a number of other chronic ailments. 

In 2018, Dr Pope had numerous patients continually asking about safe and natural options to help address their painful joints and to help maximize their benefit on stem cell and cellular level after undergoing stem cell treatments. Dr Pope spent countless hours reviewing literature, research and clinic studies to identify any supplements that had evidence to support their use. He was able to find a number of supplements, but  most were sold as individual supplements, which would require a handful of pills and steep cost. There was no combined all-in-one supplement that he could find that he felt would give his patients the best outcomes. Therefore, in 2021, after having numerous patients request his advice and having no where to turn, he decided to have his own supplement line manufactured to meet his patients needs. 

Dr Pope is excited for what the future holds for his patients and he looks forward to walking with them every step of the way. 

Live Long, Live Well, Live Live!

Dr Pope also trains other physicians on the use of PRP as an instructor for EnsoDoctors. 

Dr Pope has presented on PRP and regenerative medicine topics at numerous conferences over the past several years. 

He was a featured presenter at the 2018 Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Conference in Andhra Pradesh, India

Dr Pope regularly donates his time and experience helping treat soldiers and veterans with PRP through Shots for Soldiers program. 

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What We Do

PRP Services

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is becoming increasing more popular as a therapy for musculoskeletal pain due to injury, arthritis, and inflammation. 

Click here to contact us to find out if PRP is right for you. 


Bluefire Supplements

Dr Pope offers a custom line of physician formulated supplements for joint health and for cellular health.

He had a number of patients that were frustrated at all of the different pills they were taking to treat their issues, so he had the most effective supplements combined into one.  

To learn more, click on the link below to view our website. 

Bluefiremed Direct Primary Care

Dr Pope and another physican open a direct primary care clinic to offer better access and afforability to their patients. 

Click here to learn more about BlueFire Med

Kansas Regeenerative Medicine Center

Dr Pope has been the treating patients using cell therapy since 2014. KRMC has been at the forefront of regenerative medicine and has successfully treated thousands of patients. 

To learn more about KRMC, click below. 

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