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What our patients have to say about PRP

Bret Engel
Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

"For over 5 years I have struggled with planters fasciitis, back, knee, and shoulder issues.  Rarely was there a day that the pain did not affect my ability to walk or play sports with my kids. I was taking over the counter pain meds multiple times thru the day in order to function. I also have gotten the steroid injections which only increased the damage to my injuries. Simple put it’s a Band-Aid when you need a tourniquet.

I did not want to have surgery again, and started looking for alternative options. In doing so, I was referred to Dr. Andrew Pope who does regenerative medical treatments in Manhattan, KS. After my first meeting with Dr. Pope I was extremely excited but also skeptical. I did not know much at all about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), but I knew there was a lot of professional athletes using the treatment. I decide to get the treatment in my feet, knees, and shoulder.

The treatment was simple. Dr. Popes staff took my blood and with in ten minutes they where ready to inject my injuries. Dr. Pope used an ultrasound to find the issues in my feet and injected the PRP directly in and around my injury. He then did the same with my knee and shoulder.


My results where life changing. After about five days my pain was decreased by about 40%. After two weeks, my feet no longer hurt every day, my knee was not keeping me up at night, and my shoulder had increased mobility.


I am now at six months since my treatment and my pain has decreased by about 70% and is no longer effecting me on a daily basis."

Frank Kirby

Frank Kirby, 
Retired Army BlackHawk Pilot
Areas treated: Shoulder/Elbow/Plantar Fascia

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